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Feel Confident - Go For IT!

At IT Cosmetics, we create makeup and skincare products that empower you to feel your most confident. And now, we're committing to doing more to help you and all members of the global IT Community to feel their most confident. Together, let’s Go For IT!

IT’s Commitment

No matter how big or small a goal is, confidence helps us all live our most fulfilled lives. Go For IT is our commitment to making confidence-building resources accessible to everyone, so you and women around the world can feel your most empowered!

Why Confidence?

At IT Cosmetics, confidence is at the heart of everything we do. So over the last three years, we conducted the world’s largest study on it! What we found: confidence is easy to see in others but harder to see in ourselves. And more importantly, confidence is built through community support – it’s something we all have, give and share with each other. And here, the IT Community has the resources to do just that.

Go For IT Speaker Series

Join our first live Go For IT Speaker Series on Thursday, March 4th at 4:15pm EST with our founder Jamie Kern Lima where she’ll speak about her recently launched book, Believe IT and talk about what confidence means to her and how she’s on a mission to inspire confidence in all of us. And make sure that you are following IT Cosmetics on Instagram and Facebook for updates on our upcoming speakers.

Lean In Circles

IT Cosmetics is partnering with nonprofit Lean In as a resource for our employees as well as providing education and inspiration on our social platforms for our communities to help build and promote self-confidence.


We’re helping women close the economic opportunity gap by funding community-sourced loans through global nonprofit, Kiva. By 2030, IT Cosmetics commits to lending $2 million to support women entrepreneurs.

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