Count on these must-have skincare and makeup sets to give you a naturally pretty glow---instantly!
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Confidence in a cream is a perfect makeup primer! it creates a smooth surface for CC+ Cream or foundation to glide over
Blur Baby Blur™ ($77 Value)
IT makes your pores disappear!


Bye Bye Baggage™ ($63 Value)
it’s your ultimate eye duo!


Before applying Bye Bye Foundation, use Confidence in a Gel Lotion to lock in 72 hours of hydration
13.0 Light Natural (N)
Bye Bye Dark Spots™ ($25 Value)


For an instant glow, use CC+ Cream as a 3 in 1 multitasker to color correct, hydrate, and protect
Fair (W)
Celebration Foundation™ Duo ($84 Value)
IT Does The Work For You™


To apply concealer quickly, warm a tiny amount in your fingers and tap into skin and blend with your brush
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