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Love IT: Our Best-Selling Facial Moisturizer Seriously Hydrates

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It’s pretty rare for a Confidence in a Cream™ Hydrating Moisturizer. Its ability to serve diverse skin needs is just one reason why consumers say it’s one of the best facial moisturizers out there. (Fun fact: it was even named the #1 anti-aging facial moisturizer in America*.)

To better acquaint you with this clinically-proven, best-selling facial moisturizer—and to send you on your way toward glowy, enviable skin—we’re breaking down how the product is formulated and what it can do for you. We’re also throwing you some pro-tips on how to incorporate Confidence in a Cream™ into your regimen, including how to use it in conjunction with other products. Let’s dive in. 

Meet IT Cosmetics' Best Face Moisturizer

Like all products in the IT Cosmetics lineup, Confidence in a Cream™ was developed with insight and expertise from both plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

“The 7 primary benefits in one cream really make our facial moisturizer one of the best. It’s a game-changer,” says Kirsten Petersen, Senior Regional Education Manager for IT Cosmetics. “The use of ceramides helps to support a healthy skin barrier, plus the fact that it is formulated for all skin types and skin ages truly makes it special.”

Those 7 skin benefits include everything from moisturizing and smoothing the appearance of your skin to visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Not to brag, but it can also help improve the look of discoloration, minimize the appearance of your pores, and give you the kind of glow that’ll have others wondering how your skin looks so beautiful. 

We know what you’re thinking: How the heck can one facial moisturizer knock it out of the park in so many ways? It’s all in the formula, IT girl!

One of the key benefits of this best-selling facial moisturizer is the fact that it delivers serious, intense hydration that everyone can benefit from. In clinical tests, 100% of people said their skin was soft, smooth, and infused with moisture, 97% said their skin looked and felt rejuvenated, and 94% said their skin felt younger and healthier.** 

That’s just the tip of this moisture-rich iceberg. In a fascinating skin hydration color-mapping study (which you can view for yourself right here), there were clear differences in hydration levels before applying Confidence in a Cream™ and two hours after, with hydration lasting an entire day.*** 

“When you combine ceramide technology with hyaluronic acid, plus a dose of shea butter, you get a moisturizer that is clinically-proven to hydrate instantly and up to 24 hours,” explains Peterson. “I personally love the quick absorption, even as someone with drier skin. My oily-skinned sister loves that as well. It makes makeup application smoother, plus the colloidal oatmeal lends extra hydration and makes it ideal for sensitive skin and/or colder climates.”

Editor’s Note: The aforementioned hyaluronic acid in Confidence in a Cream™ is a powerful ingredient that attracts moisture to your skin to help support elasticity. It also creates a plumping effect that helps visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to giving thirsty skin a good drink, Confidence in a Cream™ is also jam-packed with skin-loving collagen and peptides. Collagen, a naturally occurring lipid, helps bolster your skin’s barrier and lock in moisture. Peptides help reduce the look of wrinkles and promote a smoother, firmer appearance. The formula also contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E to nourish your skin while colloidal oatmeal soothes and niacin (vitamin B3) helps promote a more even-looking complexion.

Now that is a multitasking face moisturizer that can help you look and feel your most beautiful!

How To Incorporate Confidence in a Cream Into Your Regimen

This do-it-all cream doesn’t just work on a wide range of skin types. It can be incorporated into both your morning and evening routine, and it’s easy to pair with lots of other products.

“Ideally, I would recommend beginning your morning skincare routine with Confidence in an Eye Cream™,” advises Peterson. “If you use a toner or serum, you would apply them after cleansing and before your facial moisturizer and eye cream.”

The cleanser removes dirt, grime, and product so that your skin is ready for that hydrating action. The Confidence in an Eye Cream™ boasts many of the same benefits as the face moisturizer, only it’s formulated specifically for the sensitive and delicate skin around your eyes. It also features Drops of Light Technology™, which helps visibly color-correct and brighten. 

If you’re wondering if it’s OK to apply facial moisturizers before makeup, the answer is a resounding yes. Due to its powerful moisturizing abilities and speedy absorption, yourConfidence in a Cream™ can actually help your makeup glide on more smoothly and last longer. It’s one of the best facial moisturizers you can apply before putting on your CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. Not only will you walk out the door with a beautiful complexion, but the inclusion of SPF will help protect your skin from UV damage that can cause skin cancer and premature signs of aging.

As for bedtime, you can follow the same skincare regimen that Peterson outlined above. However, she recommends that your evening routine be a prime opportunity to take your skincare game up a notch. 

“Before bed, you could try Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep™,” she says. “In just 7 sleeps, it visibly addresses the top five concerns of aging skin: fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness, and lack of firmness.” In addition, it has a soothing lavender scent that will help lull you to sleep.

How To Know If Confidence in a Cream Is Right For You

As mentioned, Confidence in a Cream™ is unique in that it really is meant to work for all ages and skin types. Its ability to deliver intense hydration and quickly absorb into the skin means that whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or something in between, you can benefit from its moisturizing power.

That said, if you’re seeking a product that’s oil-free, Confidence in a Gel Lotion™ is one of our best facial moisturizer alternatives. This water-based sister product to Confidence in a Cream provides 72 hours of hydration. We recommend using it if you’re in a hot or humid climate where you want an exceptionally light moisturizer, or if your skin is very oily and/or acne-prone and feels and looks better using oil-free products.

As mentioned above, you can always use Confidence in a Cream™ in the mornings and then swap it out at night for Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep™ to take advantage of the formula’s Rest & Restore Technology. You can also use it in conjunction with Confidence in a Neck Cream™ to ensure your skin’s getting some TLC from forehead to décolleté. (For even more guidance on how to choose the best facial moisturizer for your skin, check out our in-depth breakdown.)

Explore IT Cosmetics’ full range of Confidence skincare products for beautiful skin you feel proud showing off. Many products come in travel, regular, and supersize versions, which means you can experience their powerful, life-changing results no matter where you are.

*The NPD Group, Inc./US Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Skincare Product Dollar and Unit Sales, January-December 2019

**Results observed in a consumer panel survey.

***Based on a hydration study run in the U.S.


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