Glamorous Gifts

it’s your most glamorous
gifts to give or get!

Treat yourself and someone special in your life to luxe makeup brush sets
and must-have palettes for eyes and complexion. Because you deserve IT!

Glamorous Gifts

Glamorous Gifts

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Glamorous Gifts

IT Girl Vol. 2 Makeup Palette ($130 value)
it’s your IT Girl essentials!


Travel With IT Makeup Brush and Cosmetics Case
it’s your double-duty beauty accessory!


Secret Sauce™
experience it!
2 US fl. oz./60 ml - 0.5 US fl. oz/15 ml

$20.00 - $68.00

Bye Bye Lines Serum™
IT turns back time!


Miracle Water 3-in-1 Tonic
it brings your skin to life!
8.5 US fl. oz./250 ml - 1.7 US fl. oz/50 ml

$15.00 - $38.00

Naturally Pretty Vol.2 The Romantics!
it's your naturally pretty eyes in a palette!


Superhero™ Liner
it transforms your eyes!


Radiant Honey
Perfect Lighting™
it‘s your magic wand of light and lift!


Instant Natural Glow
Confidence in Your Glow™
it’s your blush, bronzer and highlighter in one sweep!


Heavenly Luxe™ Must-Haves! Brush Set & Case
it’s your brush therapy!


Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette
it’s your most beautiful skin in a palette!


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