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Let's Discuss: Why Should I Use Toner?

In this crazy busy world—where it’s tricky to find even a few spare moments for yourself—adding another step to your skincare regimen might seem unnecessary. You’re already cleansing and moisturizer routinely. Why use a toner, anyway? Well, it turns out that incorporating toner into your skincare regimen (a move that takes no more than a minute of your time) can be a real game-changer for your skin. Let’s discuss. 

What Is a Facial Toner and Why Should I Use One?

If you’re wondering “what does toner do, anyway?”—we have answers. While a face toner might just seem like a bit of watery liquid in a bottle, there’s a lot of power packed into that thin formulation. One toner benefit is that it provides a second chance for you to get an extra deep clean after washing your face. Toner can also help sweep gunk out of your pores to create the look of smooth, tight skin, and some formulations are specifically meant to hydrate and nourish.

A facial toner also preps your skin for the rest of your skincare regimen. Your serums and moisturizers will penetrate better and really work their magic when applied on top of a clean, toner-topped slate. In that sense, you can think of face toner as the skincare equivalent of applying a primer before your makeup.

Do Skin Toners Sting?

If you’re a bit hesitant to use a toner, we truly get it. The truth is that it developed a bit of a bad rap back in the day. This is largely because at one point there was one primary type, and everyone was supposed to benefit from it. You might know the one we’re talking about: a super astringent liquid with a not-so-lovely smell that, let’s be honest, kind of stung when you put it on.

We’ve come a long way in the land of toners. Not only are formulations way more sophisticated, but there are a variety out there to serve your specific skin needs. For example, an ultra-gentle micellar water boasts toner benefits that provide your best clean while balancing and brightening the appearance of skin. 

Then, there are facial toners such as Bye Bye Pores™ Leave-On Solution Pore-Refining Toner. This must-have product goes into overtime to minimize the look of your pores by mattifying, smoothing, and balancing your skin’s appearance. It’s also full of nourishing, skin-loving ingredients, such as silk, coconut water, and rice protein.

What Is The Correct Way To Apply Toner?

Face toners should always be applied immediately after cleansing your face. As for the correct way to apply a toner, there’s a bit of back and forth on the topic. Some people say it’s better to apply toner with your hands while others prefer to use a cotton pad. At the end of the day, how you choose to apply toner is really just a matter of preference and toner type.

  • Hands Application: This version can get a little messy, but it allows you to really saturate your face with toner. It’s an excellent option if you’re using a moisturizing toner or if your toner is a bit thicker. If you’re using the hands method, simply dispense about a teaspoon of toner into them and then pat the product onto your face.
  • Cotton Application: Skin toners with a very thin consistency are generally easier to apply using a cotton ball or pad. (You can also use a reusable cosmetic pad, but it should be clean, soft, and gentle, not abrasive.) For this method, dispense the toner onto the cotton and then gently sweep it over your face in upward motions. A cotton application can also help you get a deeper clean since leftover dead skin cells, dirt, and lingering product are wiped away.

Do You Wash Toner Off?

Toners are always meant to be left on your skin instead of being washed off. One reason is because they absorb so quickly into your skin. After a few minutes, there’s almost nothing left to wash off, anyway!

Plus, the benefits are lasting. Many skin toners are formulated with ingredients that continue working for you long after the product’s been applied. In that sense, washing toner off would be like washing away your favorite moisturizer! 

Does Toner Tighten Skin?

One of the best face toner benefits is that it can help create the appearance of tighter skin and smaller pores. Toners help sweep away the dirt, debris, and oil that sits inside of pores. Once your pores are cleaner, your complexion can look smoother and more taut.

Some toners do a better job of creating the look of tight skin than others. If that’s your primary goal, then choose a toner that deep cleans and helps keep oil production under control. Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution Pore-Refining Toner does precisely that.

It contains a unique Skin-Mattifying Complex formulated with kaolin—a naturally occurring mineral clay—that helps absorb excess oil and minimize the look of pores. At the same time, silk gets to work moisturizing, smoothing, and softening your skin, while coconut water hydrates and revitalizes. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind toner that can level up your skincare routine both morning and night.

No matter what type of toner you choose or how you apply it, there’s no arguing with the fact that it’s a vital step in your skincare routine. Your skin will look and feel cleaner, your pores will appear smoother and tighter, and your other products will work better. Talk about game-changing benefits for a minute long step!


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