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7 Unexpected New Ways to Apply Blush on Your Face

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There’s comfort in having a set routine: From the makeup look that has become your go-to for easy mornings to the nighttime cleansing regimen that doubles as self-care. But when the urge hits to shake it up (and no, we aren’t talking about getting bangs), adding new to the makeup mix can put that extra pep in your step. Experimenting with different lip colors or taking a new approach to eyeliner is simple enough, but have you considered switching up your blush placement? 

While subtle, the slightest shift in how and where you apply blush can instantly refresh your vibe. From blush draping to wearing blush on your temples to even adding a touch of blush under your eyes, we’re teaching you how to apply blush in seven new ways.  

Where Should I Put My Blush?

Learning how to apply blush on your nose or how to put blush on your temples sounds a bit strange when you’ve been taught to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for so long. But if we promise you don’t have to understand TikTok, does that make stepping outside of your go-to blush makeup look more appealing? We hope so! So consider trying a few of these new blush placement techniques over the next few weeks. You might surprise yourself with how good the blush looks! 

What You Need: 

Natural Blush Effect

We’ll ease on into this guide with the natural blush effect approach, which mimics the rosy cheeks you get when you’re excited and energized. To pull it off, choose a blush color that closely resembles flushed cheeks and use an extremely light hand to apply to areas you naturally blush. This includes your cheeks, the center of the forehead, and the tip of your nose. Consider holding the brush in your non-dominant hand if your “light” touch feels more heavy-handed.

Blush Draping

Blush draping hearkens back to the ‘70s, and this makeup technique has a pretty dramatic effect. Essentially, you're contouring your face using a vibrant or dark shade of blush instead of a traditional contour product. As for how to apply, the blush goes just under the length of your cheekbone and blends up to the temples—with the boldest looks extending into your eyeshadow. The goal is to create the illusion of a more sculpted bone structure. 

Lifted Blush

Simply apply the blush on your temples, which creates a lifted look. We recommend connecting the blush from your cheeks to your temples so it looks more natural. And don’t forget to blend well with your blush brush! This blush placement technique can be paired with any of the others on this list, including draped blush, nose blush, and a natural blush effect. 

Sunkissed Blush

This blush placement is more about layering your makeup for a naturally sunkissed look. Simply apply a warm-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks per usual, then layer a touch of radiant highlighter on top. We recommend using a product without glitter or shimmer for a more natural blush effect, like Your Most Beautiful You Anti-Aging Matte Bronzer, Radiance Luminizer & Brightening Blush Palette.

Sculpted TikTok Blush

Viral TikTok makeup looks rarely disappoint, and this TikTok blush trend that offers a new method for how to put on blush is no exception. You’ll need a cream or liquid product versus powder to pull this off—and many people swear by using a cream lipstick. Any blush-like color will work, including true red, coral, pink matte, and berry shades. 

Apply a dot of the product to the base of your palms, then press your palms together to blend. Next, press your palms just under your cheekbones to transfer the blush. Diffuse and blend with your fingers or a blush brush and you’re done.

Nose Blush

Wearing blush on your nose is another trendy makeup look you might want to write off, but hear us out on this one! Our cheeks aren’t the only area that naturally flushes—our noses, foreheads, and temples do, as well. As for how to apply blush on your nose, aim for a tiny amount over the bridge and on the tip. A little goes a long way, and you’ll be amazed at the youthful, naturally flushed look it creates. 

Blush Under Eyes

Applying blush under your eyes is actually a concealer hack. The logic here is the red tones counteract the blue and gray tones associated with under eye circles. Just apply a small amount of red blush underneath and blend. Follow up with a full coverage concealer that won’t crack or crease, like Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

Now that you know how to apply blush in lots of new ways, check out our Makeup Brushes Guide: What You Should Know Before Buying, and then learn How to Contour Your Jawline. And if you’ve ever been confused about the difference between bronzer and contour, our Bronzer vs. Contour guide will provide some clarity.

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