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Simple Self-Care Ideas for Improved Well-Being

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Our daily lives can be a whirlwind: They’re jam-packed with obligations, stressors, and day-to-day minutiae. Setting aside time for self-care can make all the difference between frenzied chaos and a sense of inner calm. The thing is, self-care doesn’t have to consist of grand gestures or spendy #treatyourself moments. We’re sharing some simple practices anyone can try, but first let’s discuss what self-care is.

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is simply the act of taking time for yourself in an effort to improve your mental health, physical well-being, and emotional state. This can be as simple as spending five minutes meditating before you dive into the workday or taking a relaxing bubble bath in the evening.

In its broader form, self-care includes using your vacation days, nourishing and moving your body, making time for non-structured free time, limiting your obligations, and saying yes to things that bring us joy.

Consistency is arguably the most important aspect of self-care, which is why simple daily practices and habits become crucial for your overall wellness. These moments encourage us to take thoughtful pauses, reassess, and find calmness. Over time, practicing self-care can help us feel more grounded, boost your self-esteem, and even improve your physical health.

Self-Care Ideas

These soul-nourishing rituals are simple enough for anyone to try and can help you feel like your best self. Consider making them a part of your daily or weekly routine.

Follow a Fun Skincare Routine

Using skincare products that excite you can take your skincare regimen from morning and evening “chore” to indulgent me-time. In addition to cleansing, moisturizing, and treating, consider making certain aspects of your process more special.

For example, you could spend a few minutes using a soothing roller device, such as Heavenly Luxe Face & Neck Citrine Roller, after moisturizing. Or you could opt for a sensorial experience by using a soothing, lavender-scented night cream, like Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream.

Reorganize Your Space

This simple self-care practice can benefit you in a few different ways. For starters, the process of purging, cleaning, and reorganizing can be surprisingly soothing. There’s something about being methodical and thinking in new ways that can help soothe your mind.

Also, a clean and organized space is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Knowing where all your items are—and simply navigating and looking at a clutter-free space—can potentially reduce feelings of stress.

You can make the process extra fun, too. Put on some good music or a juicy podcast—or you can just enjoy the quiet—and light a fragrant candle to keep you company while you tidy. (Oh, and while you’re in the cleaning zone, consider cleaning your makeup brushes.)

Indulge Your Creativity

Tapping into your creativity is arguably one of the quickest ways to untangle yourself from monotony and stress. It encourages you to try new things and broaden your perspective, and can also help us feel calmer.

Picking up a canvas and dabbling in watercolor or oil paints is one way to get creative, as is singing, writing, photography, and more. Another way to channel creativity, especially if you’re into beauty, is to get experimental with your makeup routine. You can try new eyeliner looks, dabble in fun trends, or teach yourself a new trick.

Step Away From the Day

We tend to stay in full speed “go-go-go” mode, which makes taking meaningful breaks so crucial for your mental health and even physical well-being. Taking these short and long pauses throughout the day can look different for everyone—and can even look different from one day to the next.

Try rotating a mix of mental and physical rituals. The former might include practices like journaling, breathing exercises, meditation, listening to music, or chatting with a friend. Physical breaks can be as low-key as deskside stretches or a quick walk around the block. For extended physical breaks, grab your sneakers and go for a run, partake in some yoga flow, or dance it out.

Want to invest more in your skincare me-time? You’ll want to know your skin type. From there, the beauty world is your oyster!

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