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Love IT: Our Vitamin C Serum Seriously Boosts Radiance

Learn how including our vitamin C serum in your skincare routine can help boost radiance

Vitamin C is one buzzworthy skincare ingredient that is most definitely here to stay. Why? It’s simple—this skin-enthusiast ingredient really works! If you haven’t added this ingredient into your IT Cosmetics routine yet, not to worry. It’s actually much simpler than you may think.

Like every great superstar, vitamin C is a multifunctional powerhouse, and we’re excited to tell you all about it! We’re plunging head first into vitamin C—a key ingredient in our skin-loving Bye Bye Dullness Vitamin C Serum. Let’s dive in!

What Is Vitamin C?

When it comes to your glowing skin goals, it’s important to note that vitamin C can show up under a few different ingredient names. L-ascorbic acid (also known as ascorbic acid) is generally considered the purest form of vitamin C, because it’s more biologically active and closely studied. That’s why we’ve made it the shining star of Bye Bye Dullness. You’ll also find vitamin C under the following names: sodium ascorbyl phosphate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate (Ester C), ascorbyl palmitate, and ethyl ascorbic acid—an ascorbic acid derivative and the powerhouse ingredient in our Bye Bye Dark Spots Niacinamide Serum.

Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

Remember that popular girl in high school that was adored by everyone? Yup, that’s basically vitamin C in skincare—it can be found in almost every type of beauty product, including moisturizers, toners, eye creams, and especially serums. This is because a quality vitamin C serum delivers antioxidant benefits straight to your skin.

So, what’s the best way to enjoy the benefits of a vitamin C serum? And are these products the right choice for your skin type? Let’s dive into all the ways that this ingredient can help take your skincare game to the next level.

It Helps Boost Radiance

Raise your hand if you could use a little extra glow in your life. Vitamin C can help promote more radiant-looking skin. According to one study published in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, participants reported that their skin looked approximately four years younger after eight weeks of applying a topical vitamin C treatment.I 

It Helps Protect Skin From Free Radicals

Antioxidants such as vitamin C can help defend your skin against free radicals, which are responsible for concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and skin laxity. 

For maximum antioxidant benefits, choose a vitamin C formula that also includes vitamin E. A study published in the Journal For Investigative Dermatology found that when paired together, vitamin C and vitamin E doubled their antioxidant power and were more effective in preventing photodamage.II

Meet IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Dullness Vitamin C Serum 

Now that you’ve seen vitamin C’s impressive resume, we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Bye Bye Dullness, one of the newest essentials in your Bye Bye serums routine! This illuminating serum allows vitamin C’s full potential to shine, and even includes the added antioxidant goodness of vitamin E to help nourish your skin with hydration. In just four weeks, users noticed a 40% improvement in skin radiance after using Bye Bye Dullness.*

We checked in with Dr. Tiffany Libby, a dermatologist and IT Cosmetics Advisory Board member, who said: “With 15% vitamin C, which helps boost radiance and defend from free radicals, as well as vitamin E, known for its moisturizing properties, this serum makes radiant skin easy!” Bye Bye Dullness is non-comedogenic, allergy tested, suitable for sensitive skin types, and dermatologist-tested for safety. 

Vitamin C Before and After Using Bye Bye Dullness Serum



+40% improvement in skin radiance*

From DAY 3 rested-looking skin**

*Based on expert grading assessment in a 4-week clinical study.

**Based on self-assessment results in a 4-week consumer study.

How To Use Our Vitamin C Serum In Your Skincare Routine

If you’re unsure about how often to incorporate our vitamin C formulated serum into your daily routine, we’re here to help! We recommend reaching for a product that’s gentle enough for daily use, like the 15% pure vitamin C concentration you’ll find in Bye Bye Dullness. Always speak with your dermatologist about when and how to use this ingredient in your daily skincare regimen when in doubt.

Before applying your Bye Bye Dullness Serum each morning, cleanse your face with your favorite IT Cosmetics cleanser and gently pat dry. Next, apply 4-5 drops into the palm of your hand and lightly press the serum onto your face and neck. This serum’s lightweight, refreshing texture will spread onto your skin effortlessly. Always avoid contact with your eyes and lips and use a damp cloth or wash with water if you accidentally apply the serum to these areas.

When To Use Our Vitamin C Serum

The right concentrated vitamin C serum can really keep you glowing. And when combined with the hydrating benefits of vitamin E, you’ll be loving your skin’s new healthy look. But getting the most from your vitamin C routine will all come down to your lifestyle, skin type, complexion goals, and current regimen.

Use your Bye Bye Dullness Vitamin C Serum as part of your AM skincare regimen, when its full antioxidant power can really work its magic. Because vitamin C is considered an active ingredient, it’s typically best to avoid combining it with other active ingredients that may lead to irritation, such as glycolic acid or retinol.

Our recommendation? Try choosing one active ingredient in the morning (like Bye Bye Dullness with Vitamin C) and one in the evening—like your moisturizer and sunscreen. For any additional active ingredients in your current routine, try alternating every other night, and see what works best for your skin.

No matter which way you look at it, vitamin C could be one of the most effective skincare ingredients in your anti-aging toolbox. Now that you’re fully versed in this superhero ingredient, learn more about Bye Bye Serums.

*Based on a 4-week clinical assessment.


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