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Compare IT: Volumizing vs. Lengthening Mascara—Which One’s Better for Your Eyelashes?

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Most people would agree that no makeup application is complete without a coat of mascara. After all, the right mascara has the power to transform your eyelashes and enhance your entire face. We’re often asked about the difference between two of our best-selling mascaras—Superhero and Lash Blowout. Let’s take a closer look at their unique benefits to help you choose which is best for the lash look you love!

Lash Blowout: Our Best Volumizing Mascara For a Natural Makeup Look

When IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima partnered with Drybar® to create this revolutionary volumizing mascara, her goal was to bring the look of a top hair salon blowout to your eyelashes. And boy, did she bring it! An instrumental study showed Lash Blowout Mascara delivers 19 times your volume!* The power is in the specially designed wand inspired by the same technology used to create barrel hair brushes. The bristles have “microspheres” that gently catch all of your eyelashes for clean, natural-looking volume. You won’t see any clumps or flakes—just beautiful lift, curl and separation that lasts!

We like to recommend this mascara to create a defined brows help too!

Superhero: Our Best Lengthening Mascara for a Glam Night Out

If you love the look of lash extensions but not the time and money they require, it’s Superhero Mascara to the rescue! Developed with plastic surgeons, this game-changing mascara features proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology™ to literally stretch the look of your lashes wider and longer—in just one coat! In a consumer panel study, 96% of subjects saw dramatic volume and length.

Superhero Mascara’s other super power comes in the form of its innovative Lash-Changing Power Brush. The bristles are cut at different lengths to grab each and every eyelash no matter where it is in its lifecycle. That means you’ll also achieve the look of a fuller lash line! And because the formula is completely buildable, you can easily apply additional coats to achieve your desired level of definition. For an even more dramatic effect, we recommend pairing this volumizing and lengthening mascara with our award-winning liquid black eyeliner.

So, Which One of These Eyelash-Enhancing Mascaras Should You Choose?

Our answer to this question is: Why choose when you can buy these mascaras together a special value? Having both in your makeup bag gives you the option to create different lash looks depending on what the occasion calls for. Plus, both formulas contain lash-loving biotin, a B vitamin that promotes stronger, healthier-looking hair and skin. And both are infused with super saturated black pigment, which means you’re guaranteed to get the look of darker, more defined eyelashes with either one. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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*Results observed in an instrumental study.


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