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Love IT: Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles With Our Game-Changing Concealer

Learn how to Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles With Our Game-Changing Concealer

Let’s face it: We are around-the-clock busy these days. The last thing we want is visible proof we’re struggling to get enough shut-eye. Everytime we hear those annoying three words, “you look tired,” it only reminds us that sometimes, those dreaded dark circles under our eyes can’t be avoided. 

Luckily, the right concealer—and maybe a strong cup of coffee (or two)—can make all the difference by visibly refreshing tired-looking eyes after a late night of trying to meet a deadline or, you know, binge-scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. 

Of course, under-eye concealers come with their own set of challenges. Certain concealers for dark circles can look flaky, melt during the hot summer months, or just appear like we’re too obviously trying to conceal something. Also, if you’re using the incorrect shade that’s just drawing more unwanted attention to the issue! Fortunately, nailing the perfect concealer routine doesn’t need to be such a struggle. 

The secret: have a reliable little friend on your side a la Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer, which comes in 24 true-to-skin shades to ensure you can color-match to your skin tone. This best-selling* waterproof concealer is a real shining hero for tired-looking eyes. It uses proprietary Expression Proof™ Technology to deliver full coverage that won’t crease or crack. Even better, a little goes a long way—just one dot does it all! 

What Causes Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Besides a lack of shut-eye, dark circles can also be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, allergies, and aging. As you age, the blood vessels beneath your eyes can become more pronounced, leaving behind a reddish-blue tint. 

Also, the skin around the eyes is quite thin and delicate. This is largely why skin concerns like dark circles and under-eye bags tend to show up around your eyes after a restless night. 

Though you might be tempted, try not to pull, tug, or scratch the skin around your eyes whenever possible. This will help avoid adding unnecessary tension to this already sensitive area. 

Another thing to note: sun exposure can also worsen the appearance of dark circles over time, so SPF is a must! Channel your inner Anna Wintour and throw on your most stylish pair of sunglasses every time you head outside, and always apply (and reapply) a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the day.

How Do I Improve the Look of Dark Circles?

If you’re hoping to get rid of dark under-eye circles, it’s important to remember that everyone is different. Sure, you might not be able to change your genes or escape aging, but the right products and some habit changes can help deliver visible improvements. Heed these pro tips to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

Increase Your Snooze Time

We know the phrase “just one more episode” all too well. As tempting as it is to push back bedtime, a healthy lifestyle and good quality sleep are both crucial for looking well-rested and keeping those dark circles at bay. Research shows that lack of sleep may directly contribute to the development of dark circles.I So grab your go-to night cream and turn those lights out, night owls!

Try Applying a Cold Compress

For a little extra help with morning puffiness and dark circles, we recommend adding a cold compress to your AM routine to constrict the blood vessels around your eyes. This can help reduce some of that swelling and lessen the look of dark circles before you begin your IT Cosmetics routine each morning. Try an ice pack or cool mask, and apply to your eye area for about 10 minutes each morning.

How to Apply Your Under-Eye Concealer

The above habits can help improve the appearance of undereye circles. When that’s just not doing the trick, let makeup come to the rescue. Here’s how to conceal under-eye circles with cosmetics. 

Prime Your Under-Eyes With a Hydrating Eye Cream

Proper hydration is the key to smoother, clearer, and healthier-looking under-eyes. We recommend starting with a formula that is ultra-hydrating but not oily, like Bye Bye Under Eye Brightening Eye Cream. This quick-absorbing eye cream is designed to smooth the look of lines and wrinkles, brighten the appearance of dark circles, improve the look of under-eye firmness, and soothe puffy eyes. Gently smooth a small amount all around your eye area to help prime your under-eye for the next step—your concealer.

Pro Tip: If you’re prone to puffy eyelids, try putting your eye cream in the fridge the night before for a refreshing way to start your day. Forget the cucumber slice!

Smooth on Your Concealer

Like all of your favorite IT Cosmetics products, Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer was expertly formulated with the insight of both plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Clinically tested to make your skin look younger, this concealer is your go-to weapon of choice when it comes to fighting the appearance of dark circles. 

To apply, first warm the tube in your hands and squeeze a pinhead-sized amount onto the back of your hand. Remember: One Dot Does It All! Gently tap it along your under-eye area and anywhere else you need coverage, and add more product as needed to build up to your desired coverage.

Blend with the Heavenly Luxe™ Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush #2 for an airbrushed finish, and continue with the rest of your IT Cosmetics makeup routine. You can even use this concealer to cover other skin imperfections, such as dark spots and blemishes,  on different areas of your face.

Add an Extra Touch of Radiance

Want bonus points in the game of radiance? Swap in the Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer for days when you want that lit-from-within glow. It's a similar formula to the original Bye Bye Under Eye, only it includes our Drops of Light Technology™ for boosted illuminosity!

Another trick is to use Hello Light Cooling Glow Highlighting Stick. Infused with green tea and aloe, the cooling highlighter can be used on your cheekbones, eyes, or any other area of your face you’d like to accentuate. Simply tap it onto areas of your face you wish to appear lifted or add light to, including your cheekbones, eyelids, and the inner corners of your eyes. 

Now that you know how to get rid of dark circles’ appearance, check out these expert tips on How to Reduce the Look of Fine Lines Around Your Eyes.

*#1 concealer formula for IT Cosmetics brand in the US.


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