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Glowy Summer Makeup Looks for Your Next Getaway

Discover pretty summer makeup looks featuring glowy, sun-kissed looks. Make a statement this season with radiant and glowing products from IT Cosmetics.

With pretty flowers showing their faces to the sun and the days getting longer, it’s time to lean into summer makeup looks that leave you with a beautiful glow. From advice on the best beauty products for airplane travel and pro tips on how to have a summer glow up, we’re tackling your most pressing questions.

What Makeup Should I Bring When Traveling?

Traveling with makeup comes with its own set of nuances. There’s the issue of finding TSA-friendly sizes if you’re carrying on versus checking a bag, and in either case, there’s only so much space inside a suitcase you can dedicate to beauty products —especially when there are beach hats and all the cute shoes to pack.

To have your glowy skin makeup moment while on vacation without having to wrestle with your luggage, prioritize space-saving and multitasking products, as well as lightweight, hydrating formulas that last through sweat, sun, and humidity.

Some of our favorite products to help you glow on the go:

Pro Tip: When packing skincare products for travel, we recommend sticking to TSA-friendly versions of your existing go-to’s. Switching up your entire regimen for a trip is potentially a recipe for frustration if you’re unfamiliar with the products or your skin isn’t used to certain ingredients.

Can I Wear Makeup When Going to the Beach?

You can absolutely wear makeup to the beach! It’s best to stick to waterproof, long-wear products that’ll hold up whether you’re just lounging lazily on the warm sand or splashing around in those salty waves. And since you’re technically outdoors, now’s a great time to try a natural summer makeup look that fits the scene.

For instance, after slathering an SPF of 30 or more from head to toe, apply a lightweight formulated with even more sunscreen, such as . This one has buildable medium coverage for a gorgeous summer glow and provides 24 hours of hydration.

From there, apply a touch of to your lids (or skip it if you’d like), a pop of color on your cheeks with some , and a few swipes of for gorgeous lashes. If you're aiming for a summer eye makeup look with a bit more definition, line your eyes with waterproof in Brown or Silk-Taupe. Smudge it with an angled eyeliner makeup brush, such as .

What Makeup Gives You a Glow?

Want to enhance your natural glowy makeup look? Avoid matte formulas as they tend to subdue the dew factor and opt for radiant finish foundations and ultra-hydrating instead. And certain products, such as , are made specifically to boost luminosity.

Whether you’re aiming for that classic glowy no makeup makeup look or something with a bit more drama, these five products will get you to the flawless finish line:

Pro Tip: Makeup can definitely give you that covetable glowy bronze makeup look, but don’t discount your skincare routine! Healthy, hydrated skin glows from within and serves as the perfect base for whatever makeup you apply. Get your glow on by committing to these .

How Can I Make My Makeup Look Dewy and Glowy?

Along with using the best makeup products for luminous skin, there are a few tips and tricks you can whip out for a seriously impressive glowy makeup look for summer.

Try Skin Flooding

This is the process of applying skincare products to damp skin versus dry skin. Doing so helps trap moisture, which creates a plump and dewy effect. Just , gently blot dry, then go in with your favorite and moisturizer.

Apply Skincare That Visibly Brightens

Don’t forget that one of the best ways to achieve luminous summer makeup looks is to take care of your skin. and apply a morning and night, and work in a treatment product that visibly brightens your complexion over time. For example, is a first-to-market formula that combines both brightening and anti-aging skincare benefits in one bottle.

Refresh Throughout The Day

Keep a hydrating mist at your side to maintain your glow all day long. not only locks in your summer makeup look with flexible all-day hold, but it also helps prevent makeup from melting while soothing and revitalizing. Plus, on blazingly hot days it can feel super refreshing, so keep one at your desk and one in your purse!

Now that you know the ins and outs of creating the prettiest glowy summer makeup looks, check out our . It’s arguably one of the best ingredients you can add to your skin regimen if bright, luminous skin is your end goal!

**Based on expert grading after 4 weeks of use.

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