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The Skincare Routine For Dark Spots Our Dermatologists Recommend

it cosmetics dermatologists recommend dark spots

Frustrated by your dark spots? You’re definitely not alone. That’s why we enlisted the help of our IT Cosmetics advisory board of plastic surgeons and dermatologists to recommend a skincare routine for dark spots that doesn’t require a ton of steps—or a trip to the dermatologist’s office. Here’s to brighter days ahead! 

Use a skin-transforming cleanser morning and night

When skin is well hydrated, it naturally glows. Developed with plastic surgeons, our skin-loving cleanser and skin-softening serum in one is formulated with our proprietary Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate™, collagen, hyaluronic acid, colloidal oatmeal and a super ceramide complex. It leaves skin looking radiant and rejuvenated.

Add retinol, niacinamide and vitamin C to your skincare routine for dark spots

Retinol works by speeding up surface cell turnover so that your skin reveals a fresh layer of skin faster. In doing so, you begin to slough away dull surface cells. Keep in mind that retinol can cause skin irritation—especially when you first start using it—so follow proper usage instructions and give your skin some time to adjust.

Two more standout ingredients that help promote a more even skin tone? Niacinamide and vitamin C. Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a potent antioxidant that helps visibly reduce dark spots and protect and soothe skin.

Vitamin C is used in skincare products because of its ability to enhance the radiance and overall clarity of your complexion. You’ll find both of these ingredients in Bye Bye Dark Spots Niacinamide Serum, which is clinically tested to give you a more visibly even skin tone in 8 weeks! Apply it after cleansing, morning and night.

Apply a full-coverage moisturizer with SPF

When it comes to preventing further darkening of existing spots and helping to stop new ones from forming, sunscreen is essential. To get the proper amount of protection, dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen product that offers SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum protection, and zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Our award-winning CC+ Cream delivers all these benefits while also helping to flawlessly cover existing dark spots until you take it off.

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