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Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder: How to Use This Game-Changing Product in 4 Unexpected Ways

A photo of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder

Every makeup kit needs a few multitasking heroes, and Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder is definitely up for the challenge. Available in three translucent shades that cover a wide range of skin tones, this award-winning formula is infused with skin-loving peptides, silk, hydrolyzed collagen, and antioxidants to help your skin look its most youthful. One of the primary ways to use Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder is to apply a sheer layer over your face to blur the look of large pores, but that’s not all this compact can do!

Make Brows Thicker-Looking 

It might sound a bit strange, but you can absolutely use Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder to make your brows look fuller! Whether you’re actively trying to grow your eyebrows or are simply keen on trying some brow-thickening makeup tricks, this little hack is a game-changer. 

Before using a pencil or brow filler, “Prep brows by brushing a small amount of Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder directly onto the hairs. This will allow you to build volume,” explains Kirsten Peterson, Senior Regional Education Manager for IT Cosmetics. Simply brush a clean spoolie back and forth over the pressed setting powder, then comb onto your brows. 

Next, use your Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil to fill in sparse areas by creating fine, hair-like strokes. (Check out our helpful guide on how to shape your eyebrows for more guidance.) To further promote thick eyebrows, follow up with Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel. This will also help quickly conceal any gray hairs in your brows. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to massage your skincare products into your brows to help nourish and condition them. Also, do what you can to prevent overplucking your brows now and in the future. 

Create Airbrushed Effect 

Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder creates an instant airbrushed look thanks to IT Cosmetics’ exclusive Bye Bye Pores Optical Blurring Technology™. It’s basically like a real-life filter. In addition to locking your makeup in, a thin veil of this setting powder helps create an airbrushed effect on your skin. Simply use your Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush #8 to apply a thin veil of the powder to your face. 

“It does just what its name says! Your pores and fine lines disappear. [It’s] great for under the eyes and for setting your makeup—all while being completely invisible,” says an excited reviewer on 

Spot-Concealing Pores

While Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder works as an all-over product, you can also use it to spot treat the look of large pores. Generally, pores tend to look larger around the T-Zone (nose and forehead) and just underneath your eyes, which is where skin tends to be oilier. 

Using a small makeup brush—such as the Heavenly Luxe™ Pointed Precision Complexion Brush #11—lightly press the powder onto the areas you want to target and watch as your pores practically disappear! 

Want to see this makeup trick work in real time? Watch for yourself! 

Blotting Oil Midday 

Don’t let oily skin bog you down! A bit of Bye Bye Pores Pressed Setting Powder is all you need to zap the look of oil and create a soft, glowing complexion. Since the powder doubles as a makeup setting product, it’s actually meant to be applied over cosmetics so you don’t have to worry about messing up your look. 

“[This is] the best oil control powder I’ve ever tried! Highly recommended [for] oily skin!,” says one reviewer on Another writes, “I have really oily skin and this is the only powder that can help control the oil all day long.”

Whenever you notice you’re getting a bit shiny, simply apply a sheer veil of the powder on top of your skin for an instantly refreshed, shine-free look. The Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush #8 is one of the best for this job, but any large makeup brush will work. This trick also comes in handy in hot and humid weather. 

Who knew a pressed setting powder compact could be so versatile? (We did! But now you know, too!) From thick brows to pore refining to oil blotting and makeup setting, this multitasking product is worthy of anyone’s makeup bag. 

Need to brush up on your makeup brush knowledge? Let us walk you through how to choose the best makeup brush for your complexion goals.

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